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Newsletter Archive [March 2011] [03/08/11]
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GEDA Directory Purchase

Exciting New Opportunity for You

In response to what our members requested, GEDA has created a new purchase option for the membership directory.  As you know, the membership directory can be viewed online or in pdf form by any active member of GEDA.  We also have the ability for anyone to purchase an Excel spreadsheet version of the directory for $100.  However, this is a one-time purchase.  If someone's information changes, the spreadhseet could have some incorrect contact information on it.  (But realistically, does anyone EVER change jobs??)

Because of feedback from our membership, we have added a new purchase option - the updatable purchase.  Now, for just an extra $50 ($150 total) members can purchase the same spreadsheet, but can request up to three updates to that spreadsheet throughout the calendar year!  This is the best way to keep in contact with all of your colleagues and peers throughout GEDA!

Scholarships Available!

Scholarship Application Deadline are Approaching

GEDA Offers scholarships for GEDA and external professional development opportunities throughout the year.  Some of those courses (IEDC, GEDA Spring Workshop) are comign up soon, as are the deadlines to apply for the scholarships. 

Go to the Professional Development Committee Page to find the applications.

IEDC Salary Survey

Georgia-specific results available online

In 2010, GEDA partnered with the International Economic Development Council to collect data for their bi-annual salary survey.  The results have been finalized and GEDA has obtained the Georgia-specific results from this survey. 

We have arranged to be able to provide these results to our members.  You can find the pdf document on the Membership Services Committee documents page.  ANOTHER great benefit of GEDA membership!

Legislative Updates

In an effort to ensure that important updates from the Georgia General Assembly are at the forefront of our members' attention, GEDA has moved the Legislative Update section to the front and center portion of our home page.  Each week, we will post the most recent update from the Capitol in that location so that you always know where to go and what to do to find out about the latest happenings.

Many people have begun discussing two bills in particular, SB 159 and HB 384.

SB 159 was introduced by GEDA member, Senator Jeff Mullis.  This bill aims to protect economic development negotiations and discussions from being subject to open records requests while the project is still active.  This was posted as an ACTION ALERT for members to contact their elected officials to weigh in with their opinions on the legislation.  As a point of reference, GEDA's Public Policy Agenda has an item that specifically mentions this exact point.  We urge all GEDA members to contact Senators and Representatives with encouragement to vote in the way that best supports economic growth in Georgia.

HB 384 is a bill created by the Department of Economic Development and is a substantive change to how incentives are calculated, particularly in three main areas: the Tier system, the Quality Jobs Tax Credit and the Investment Tax Credit.  (Click here to more detailed information about the bill.)

  • The Tier System for calculating Job Tax Credits will cease to exist as it is currently known.  Under this bill, all communities would be able to offer a base credit of $1,750 per job.  The credit can grow to $3,250, provided that the community is a member of a Joint Development Authority ($250), the project is an existing industry OR the community is a Tier 1 community/Opportunity Zone ($500) and the company takes advantage of a Georgia Port Facility (identical to the current system, $1,250.)  In addition, companies that locate in one of the 71 Tier 1 communities or an Opportunity Zone will be able to use these credits against their payroll withholding.
  • The Quality Job Tax Credit is being revised to make it more accessible for more companies.  The minimum threshold for this credit is now 15 jobs, instead of 50.  (Tier 1 communities and Opportunity Zones need only create 5 jobs at a minimum.)  Companies meeting the minimum job threshold and 110% of the county average will realize a $3,000 credit, 120% would equal $3,500 per job.
  • Investment Tax Credits are being expanded to include new companies and recent relocations.  Previously, a company had to have been in business in Georgia for three years before taking advantage of this credit - that rule has been lifted in this proposed legislation.  The new guidelines are as follows:
    • Investment of $1 million - $15 million equates to a 1% credit,
    • $15 million - $50 million equals a 3% credit,
    • $50 million - $100 million is a 5% credit,
    • $100 million - $200 million brings a 7% credit, and
    • Over $200 million would equal an 8% income tax credit.
Please keep in mind that GEDA does not lobby and therefore does not take a position on any proposed legislation.  We urge our members to become informed on the bills and resolutions and contact their individual elected officials to voice their opinions.

Governor Nathan Deal

Nearly Sold Out!

GEDA members must be enthusiastic about seeing Governor Deal.  In the first 24 hours after we opened the registration, we had nearly 150 registrants!  We still have room for a few more people to join us, but it is likely that we are heading to our second consecutive sellout for a monthly luncheon.  DO NOT DELAY!!  If you have not registered yet, drop everything and do so NOW!  This luncheon will see the largest crowd we have had in years.

After the luncheon, make sure to go to one of our after-hours sessions:

  • The Natrual Resources & Environment Committee is hosting a series of three mini-sessions after the luncheon ina speed-dating format.  You can get a twenty-minute primer on one of three areas and then "rotate" over to the next session!  Topics are:
    • How to make a brownfield productive,
    • Capturing the solar potential from your industrial roof, and
    • What you need to know about LEED, the Green Movement in General and Sustainability.
  • At 2:00PM, the Membership Services Committee will host a GEDA 101 session in the Georgia EMC offices (Centergy Building, 7th floor.)  Any new members, prospective members, first-time attendees or long-time members interested in learning more are invited.

2011 Events Calendar

March 21  Luncheon at Hotel Palomar.  Governor Nathan Deal speaking.

April 18  Luncheon at Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center (Registration will be available soon.)

May 18-20  Spring Workshop.  Sea Palms at St. Simons Island.  Hotel reservations are available.

Welcome New Members

Dwana Coleman,  D Coleman Realty Group

Melvin Everson, Governor's Office of Workforce Development

David Lyons, Valley Partnership

Alison Jo Pienta, Student

Survivor: Saint Simons Island

Spring Workshop Theme Announced

The weather is getting warmer which means one thing ... Spring Workshop is right around the corner!  Angie Gheesling and the rest of her "Tribal Council" (aka Committee) are working on some daring programs, creative challenges and entertaining programming for the event.  The 32nd Annual Spring Workshop will be held May 18-20, 2011 at Sea Palms on St Simons Island.

To make your hotel reservations, go to Sea Palms and click on the Reservations link.  Enter the dates of the event and Economic as the Group Code.  You will then be able to secure a room at our guaranteed group rate (anywhere from $139 to $189, depending on your room preferences.)

What's the Newest, Biggest, Best Thing?

What Are We Missing?

GEDA is constantly striving to offer our members the best.  The best speakers, the best programs, the best professional development, the best networking, the best website.

What are we missing?  What do you need from us?  Who should our next speaker be?  Who should it NOT be?  What topics should we cover at luncheons or Conferences?  What features should we add to the website?

This is YOUR association.  We want to make it better than the best.  But we need your help!  Email us with ANY suggestions.  We're listening ...

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