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August 2013
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2014 Sponsorships Available 9/1

Over the past few years, our sponsorship offerings have become more and more popular to the point that people are reserving their favorite luncheon, mobile app or platinum sponsorship more than a year in advance. While it is absolutely against our nature to ask people to wait when they ask to give us money, we must make sure that we have a level playing field for all GEDA members. To that end, the Board of Directors recently approved a policy which states that GEDA cannot accept sponsorship requests until September 1st of the current year. In other words, if you have interest in any of the sponsorships with limited availability (Circle of Champions, conference platinum, mobile app or monthly luncheons) you will need to submit that request after September 1st of this year.  For more information, contact Brian Dill, Sponsorship Committee Chair, or click here for the latest Sponsorship Brochure.

New Luncheon Rate

We have been fighting it for as long as we can, and it has finally taken over. “It” in this case is the rising costs of food at our monthly luncheons. We currently ask the loyal and fantastic GEDA members to pay $30 per person for the lunches. And yet, after service charges and taxes, we have to pay close to $35 for each person – the math just does not work. That is why we will have to increase luncheon prices for 2014 to $35 per person.
However, there is still a way to pay only $30 per lunch. If you select our prepaid meals option for 2014 when you renew, the cost is only $240 for the year. Again, based on your feedback, the Legislative Luncheon will now be covered in the prepaid meals option. $240 for 8 meals … what a bargain!

Circle of Champions

Based on what we have seen this year, one of these things must be true:
   • Brian Dill and the Sponsorship Committee are absolute rock stars;
   • The economy is recovering somewhat;
   • There has never been a better time to be a GEDA member; or
   • We have the greatest members on the planet.
Okay, you’re right. All four of those are true. We will soon close what has been an unbelievable year for GEDA, with membership growth, meeting attendance, the 50th anniversary celebration and unprecedented sponsorship numbers. 
Based on feedback from YOU, the Board of Directors recently approved a brand new sponsorship opportunity for 2014: the Circle of Champions. This is a completely different offering for us, and the initial buzz has been very positive. GEDA is now actively looking for no more than five organizations to be our initial Circle of Champions (CoC) sponsors. Instead of sponsoring individual events, these CoC members will sponsor GEDA for the entire year! That’s right, you’ll automatically be a sponsor for all 10 of our events AND you will have your logo scrolling on our home page all year long! And just for fun, we’re throwing in two memberships with prepaid meals to boot. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. How much for ALL this?  Only $10,000 for a package worth so much more, but you have to act fast. We only have room for five Champions for 2014. Questions? Comments? Let us know.

The Board also decided that, due to the crazy popularity of a few monthly luncheons, GEDA would expand our monthly luncheon sponsorships to allow for as many as three slots at three of our luncheons: Legislative Reception, Meet the Brokers and the Consultants Panel.

It's Award Time

It's time once again to request applications for our 6th Annual Deal of the Year Awards. As you know, the DOY is awarded to outstanding achievements in the location or expansion of Georgia companies. We have four award categories: Large community (over 100,000), Medium (50,001 - 100,000), small (50,000 or less) and regional. Any EDO with a current GEDA member is eligible to submit a nomination - as long as the deal was announced after July 1, 2012.  The awards ceremony will take place at the October luncheon this year.
Volunteer of the Year (VOTY) forms can be found here and DOTY forms can be found here . For more information, contact Morgan B. Law, CEcD, Chair of the GEDA Special Service Awards Committee.


Energizing Georgia and Creating New Wealth


As one of the six Georgia Centers of Innovation, the Center of Innovation for Energy works with new and existing businesses to help them grow and compete globally. One of these companies, Sputnik Technology USA, Inc., a Swiss-based energy company, who sells solar inverters under the name SolarMax, contacted director Costas Simoglou for information on Georgia when they were looking to locate their first North American office. Initially considering another city, Simoglou convinc

ed the company leadership that Georgia was the place for them.

“Because the COI is here, we were able to get in touch with the right people and recruit the right people. We were able to find the right spot to build our office and testing lab. Georgia was the best place to come and they have continually proven to be the best place for us,” said Michael Ernst, President, Sputnik Technology USA, Inc.


2013 Events Calendar

August 19.  Small Business Rock Star Award Luncheon at the Renaissance Midtown. 

September 25-27.  Annual Conference at the Hyatt Regency Savannah.  (Reserve your room at the Hyatt.)

Welcome New Members!

Matthew Morris, Effingham County Industrial Development Authority
Shelby Perkins, HLB Gross Collins, P.C.
Joshua Stephens, Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce

App of the Month

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Back in Time

Check out these celebrities that were born the same year that GEDA was, 1963:
a. Michael Jordan, February 17
b. Larry the Cable Guy, February 17
c. Charles Barkley, February 20
d. Vanessa Williams, March 18
e. Quentin Tarantino, March 27
f. Conan O’Brien, April 18
g. Jet Li, April 26
h. Mike Myers, May 25
i. Johnny Depp, June 9
j. Helen Hunt, June 15
k. Greg Kinnear, June 17
l. George Michael, June 25
m. Phoebe Cates, July 16
n. Lisa Kudrow, July 30
o. Coolio, August 1
p. James Hetfield, August 3
q. Whitney Houston, August 9
r. John Stamos, August 19
s. Tori Amos, August 22
t. Mark McGwire, October 1
u. Tom Cavanagh, October 26
v. Dermot Mulroney, October 31
w. Rob Schneider, October 31
x. Brad Pitt, December 18
y. Jennifer Beals, December 19

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