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Membership in GEDA resides with the individual and is not transferable. All memberships are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.  Dues are not subject to a refund and are not prorated.  Persons who meet the following criteria are eligible for membership in the Georgia Economic Developers Association:

  • Any resident of Georgia who is employed by an organization involved in the economic development of Georgia, 50 percent of whose time is devoted to the responsibility of developing and handling of prospects for new or expanding industries and/or the implementation of improvements in their area of the State, or who provide a service directly supporting such activities, or who direct the efforts of others who are engaged in such activities.
  • Any person who has an interest in the economic development of the State of Georgia or any subdivision thereof and who sincerely desires to further the purposes of the Association.
  • Honorary Life Members are granted by the Board of Directors for long and exceptional or extraordinary service to the Georgia Economic Developers Association.

Choose the appropriate membership category below to join the state's leading professional association dedicated to enhancing Georgia's economic vitality!  

For any questions regarding the registration process, please contact us at or 404-962-4110.

Regular Member ($400)

Regular members are qualified individuals engaged in the practice of economic development for the State of Georgia or for local communities within the State of Georgia.  Some of the industries of these members include:

  • Local Chambers of Commerce
  • Development Authority
  • Industrial Authority
  • Local/Regional Government
  • Manufacturer
  • Utility/Railroad
  • Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Contractors

Retired Member ($200)

Former regular members of GEDA may continue and renew their GEDA membership as “retired members”.

  • Not be employed, compensated for active employment (including compensated consultation services or self-employment), or seeking employment; and
  • These circumstances must be verified by written request submitted to the GEDA Board of Directors (email to the GEDA office is sufficient for this purpose.).
  • Retired membership dues in GEDA are $200 for retired members. 
  • Registration fees for GEDA monthly meetings and conferences are the same amounts as for regular GEDA members.
  • To join as a retired member, please use the on-line GEDA membership application form
  • Please indicate on form that the application is for “retired member” status.

Student Member ($25)

This membership type is for individuals who are current, full-time students and are NOT employed full-time in any field related to economic development.  Individuals working full-time and taking classes part-time should register as Regular Members. Students enrolled in internship programs are eligible.

  • The Student Membership is designed for FULL-TIME college and graduate students.  Part-time students are only eligible if NOT currently employed full-time in economic development. Students enrolled in an internship program are eligible.
  • Student membership is designed to be temporary.  No one will be allowed to maintain student membership for more than four years. 
  • Student membership dues in GEDA are $25 annually.
  • Monthly meeting lunch fees are $35 (regular fee $40).
  • Student participation in GEDA committees is encouraged.

Non-Member Categories: These categories do not have member benefits. 

Event Attendee (non-member category)

Create an Event Attendee profile to register for monthly luncheons, Spring Workshop, or Annual Conference.

Recruiters (non-member category)

Create a Recruiter profile to post job opportunities on the website.

Job-Seeker (non-member category)

Create a Job-Seeker profile to search for job opportunities on the website


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