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Newsletter Archive [May 2012] [07/02/12]
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Mobile App of the Month

New Gazette Feature!

Since GEDA is so hip and fun, we are launching a new series today.  In each month's Gazette, we will feature the newest, coolest mobile app.  We'll start this with some shameless self-promotion by featuring the GEDA Spring Workshop app!  Available on iPhones, Droids and Blackberries, this app has EVERYTHING you need to know about the conference at your fingertips.  Easy, free and convenient ... what else could you want?

Want to suggest an app for a future issue?  Fill out this simple form.

Georgia Chamber Exchange

New Member-to-Member Marketplace

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce has just announced the creation and release of the "Georgia Chamber Exchange", an exclusive marketplace for Georgia Chamber members.  For all Georgia Chamber members, you can log into the Georgia Chamber Exchange site, create your company profile and then get to work!  You can add deals or services by filling out the simple web forms.  Check it out!

For more information, view the marketing flyer or contact Rebecca Jones at 404-223-2473.  

G.R.O.W. Georgia Program

Help Local Companies Export

As you may have heard, GDEcD’s trade team was recently awarded a grant from the Small Business Administration to enhance export promotion efforts for Georgia companies.  As a result of this grant, GDEcD is bringing a series of qualified international buyers and country experts into the state to meet with Georgia suppliers.  This program is free of charge to all exporters (and potential exporters) in Georgia and a great way for companies to make new international connections. 

From May 14-18, the GROW program will be held in Athens and Dublin.  In each location, there will be a seminar on business opportunities in Canada and South Korea, as well as an opportunity for one-on-one appointments with buyers.  For more information, view the attached flyer.

Go For the Gold

Plans have been finalized, menus have been arranged, bars have been stocked.  Brasstown Valley is ready for us ... are you ready for Brasstown Valley???  

THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK TO RECEIVE REGULAR PRICING FOR THE CONFERENCE!!  Please verify that you have registered for the conference.  The easiest way to check is by going to your Member Portal page.  If the link next to Spring Workshop says, "You are registered", guess what?  You are registered!  If not, you'll have a link asking you to go in and register.  It's a giant cost-savings for you if you can get that registration in by Friday, May 4.

We have an all-star lineup of programming for you.  It will be three days of non-stop knowledge and fun!  (Wait ... wasn't that the introduction for Tic Tac Dough with Wink Martindale?)  Unique approaches to incentives, how to be ready for the burgeoning film & entrepreneurial industries growing in Georgia, and that's just Wednesday.  Great food, great entertainment, great programs, phenomenal location ... Tim Evans and his committee truly deserve a gold medal for creating our "Go For the Gold" program!  Register now to get in on the lower pricing! 

 2012 Legislative Session

One of the Most Successful Sessions in Memory!

If you see a member of the Georgia General Assembly, give 'em a hug or a high five.  The 2012 Georgia General Assembly produced one of the best legislative sessions we have seen.  While there are still a few bills to be signed by the Governor (including the FY 2013 budget), there is a long list of bills and resolutions to be excited about.

GEDA worked hard this year to bring you the best and most up-to-date reports from the Capitol each week.  We relied very heavily on three sources and we must take this opportunity to thank them.  In no particular order, GEDA extends deep and sincere thanks to Elmer Stancil and the GEDA Public Policy Committee, Jim Finch (GEDA's legislative monitor) and the entire team at the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, led by President & CEO Chris Clark.  We were able to receive guidance and constant feedback from all three parties and send that on to you so that you had the best information possible.  We hope to continue these partnerships as we move forward.

On to the exciting legislation!  HB 742, HB 386, HB 48, HB 397, HB 868, HB 1027 and SB 402 all will or can have major positive implications for economic developers in Georgia.  To read the full report from Elmer Stancil on these bills and what they really mean, click here.  And please join me in thanking and congratulating all of our Senators and Representatives!

NBC Education Nation

Special Invitation - Click below to RSVP


2012 Events Calendar

May 16-18.  Spring Workshop at Brasstown Valley Resort.  "Go For the Gold".  REGISTER TODAY!

June 18.  3rd Annual "Meet the Brokers" event at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center. 

Welcome New Members!

Akai Baraka, Student

Joanna Barnes, ADP

Elise Barton, Student

Deborah Bowie, Albany Area Chamber of Commerce

Kyle Fletcher, Thomaston-Upson County IDA

Mark Harris, Student

Barbara Herskowitz, AHI Corporate Housing

Dan McHugh, ECS SOutheast, LLC

Jessica Melton, Student

Allie O'Brien, City of Hapeville

Chris Pettis, Wells Fargo

Ryan Purvis, Student 

S.T.E.M. Education Awards

Call for Nominations!  The Technology Association of Georgia and the TAG Education Collaborative are excited to announce the S.T.E.M. Education Awards, an event that will recognize and honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding effort and achievement in advancement of STEM Education in Georgia. If you, your school, your company or organization would like to suggest a nominee or apply yourself, please send the following information to Please include the following information:

  • Your contact information
  • Your relationship to the entity you are nominating (if other than self/your organization)
  • The companies, schools, public-private partnerships, camps, after-school programs, or individual you recommend
  • A short paragraph on why you are nominating them
  • Their contact information
  • Can we let them know who nominated them? 

The inaugural S.T.E.M. Education Awards event will be held on September 14th at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center. For more information please contact Melanie Brandt at or (404) 920-2037, Michael Robertson or (404)920-2038, or Brady Cannon at or (912)713-7116.


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